The Best Way to work Hats into your Pin-Up Wardrobe

White Purls first started catching my eyes over on Instagram.  I kept noticing delicate pearl pillbox hats here and there on my feed, and thinking to myself “oooo so cute!”.  It wasnt until one of my most favourite of feeds the Chicago Chic Blog (by siren Rachel Jensen) had topped of one of her dreamy looks with one of these pillbox cherries (Official name of this piece is Darla) that I decided to spring into action and start looking into the fair hands that were behind these creations.

So, like most things in life for me, this started with a single photograph.  Here it is:

Instagram excerpt from Whitepurls feed
The Instagram photograph that started off my obsession with White Purls. Just look at all those lovely pearls!

I’m thrilled to introduce you now to the talented designer and businesswoman behind White Purls, who is today’s Guest-Blogger.  Myriam Courchesne!

White Purls Millinery Logo

Hello! My name is Myriam Courchesne and I am the designer behind White Purls Millinery in Long Beach, California. When I started my millinery business I didn’t know which direction it would take me. All I had were two knitted pillbox hat designs that were unique to the world. Now a year later, the brand has evolved and expanded from the classic pillbox to crocheted sun hats and cocktail fascinators. It has been quite an exciting journey, one that I hope to keep sharing with you.


I am a hat advocate! Some of you may be intimidated with the idea of wearing a hat but trust me darling, wearing one is a snap! Be daring and try something new! With millinery elastic and comb, it is easy to incorporate a hat in any hairstyle. All you need is a hot-roller set or curling iron. Brush out the curls for a pin-curl finish or be a flirt and tousle with fingers. However, if you find curls are too much work, simply wear the hat over loose clean hair or hair that has been pulled back into a bun and voila, instant glamour! A hat is manageable for anyone. If you are ever at a loss, White Purls’ Instagram feed showcases many different hairstyles you can try. I’d also love to see your original creation.


Stand out, be unique and feel special! Accent your feminine elegance by adding a special touch of vintage glamour, the White Purls hat! Let’s stay connected! Visit White Purls’ online store at and become a White Purls Darling. Sign-up for our Newsletter and receive our Members-Only Exclusive content and goodies! You can also find me on most social media outlets using @White Purls.


“Myriam uses only the finest silk, wool, and yarn while each piece arrives in her own adorable hat box.

I can’t wait to try out different vintage variations with my versatile White Purls masterpiece…” -Rachel Jensen

“I’ve found her designs to obtain a uniqueness crafted by inventive techniques not found elsewhere. From the elegant touch of genuine leather suede with black lace, The ‘Nadine’ Evening Hat presents a profound touch of vintage glamour that accentuates one’s beauty.” -Doris Hobbs

Photo Credits:

Model: Demi Tigresa
Wrap Dress: Black Cake Clothing
Earrings: True Vintage
Location: Casa De Luxe in Long Beach, CA Photographer & Styling: Myriam Courchesne

So there you have it, from beautiful pillbox hats, and now to some of the most exquisite fascinators and collection of hats within the Vintage community happening right now.  If you don’t feel quite brave enough, you can get inspiration from the White Purls feeds on social.  If you are ready to see in summer from underneath a beautiful brim, I say we should 100% take Myriam up on her suggestion and start showing her our FULLY finished outfits.

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