Top 7 Vintage Destinations for 2016

I absolutley love travelling.  Its something that has taken a bit of a ‘back-seat’ over the last few years as I work on the business.  Prior to seting things up though, I was quite the adventurer.  I believe strongly in the restorative power of travel, and I totally love the things you end up learning about yourself when you wonder around our planet and throw yourself into new places.  I have to admit over the last couple of months my little travel bug has started to voice her opinions a little bit louder and the urge to get out there and explore some more has really been tugging at me.

I’d love to combine both vintage life with travelling, and upgrade things a bit from my dirty backpacker days.  I’ve stayed in plenty of hostels with communal rooms, lulling myself to sleep with the cacophony of international snoring for one lifetime.  So I decided to call upon the experts, and take a little look at the menu of the Best Vintage destinations out there, tickle the tastebuds.

With Viva Las Vegas kicking off this week, I thought this would be a wonderful time for any pin-ups who havent been able to make it to Sin City this year.  So, take a look through this Top 7 list that Travel Expert Colin Brown has put together for us.  I’d love to see which one comes out as our favourite too.  Perhaps I’ll have to plan a shoot there for us all?

Might I also note – the witty captions are from me.

1. Cuba

Colorful Old American Taxi Cars in Havana Cuba
Colorful Old American Taxi Cars in Havana Cuba, courtesy of The Telegraph

Cuba can portray itself as the archetypal image of a Caribbean island with its sandy beaches and fabulous climate.

Cuba has so much more to offer those who venture away from its beaches to the towns and cities and their Spanish colonial architecture and grand plazas.

Where classic automobiles labour along streets and country roads, and the hip-swaying sounds of salsa music fill the night air, bliss!

2. The Rocky Mountaineer

The Rocky Mountaineer is an ultimate experience for the vintage train enthusiast!.

The Grand Tourist Experience is now the only passenger train on the 1885 Canadian Pacific route between Banff and Vancouver. ViaRail’s Canadian travels through the Rockies from Jasper to Vancouver.

The Canadian runs Toronto-Jasper-Vancouver two to four times a week all year, using classic stainless-steel cars from the original 1955 Canadian featuring diners, lounges and vista-domes!


Incredible clear views as far as the eye can see

3. Star Clippers inc. Monaco Grand Prix

Help the crew onboard, if you wish, climb the rigging to the crow’s nest or just kick back and watch the wind in the sails, on this luxurious tall ship.

Anyone with a hankering to sail in a tall ship and also has a love of F1, this is for you! (it’s on my tick list)

Its a race to the Birds Nest!
Monaco at sunset. Just dreamy


4. The Belmond Northern Belle

The Belmond Northern Belle reflects the style of England’s 1930s ‘Belle’ trains and the Pullman carriages of the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.

So dress up to the nines in your finery emblematic of that time period, if you wish, and travel in style through Britain’s gorgeous countryside enjoying full waiter service for breakfast and 4 course dinner.

Inside the carriage. No styrofoam tea’s here!
Your Carriage awaits m’lady.


5. Miami / Florida

Of all the 50 US states, it’s Florida that needs the least introduction.

There is more to Florida than magical rides and exhilarating rollercoasters.

Its long Atlantic coast is a renowned beach heaven, home to wonderful seafront areas and major cities.

Miami has the lively bars and sumptuous Art Deco architecture of South Beach

Kept in pristine Deco quality

This is also fine territory to hire a Harley or vintage open top for a road trip, for those keen to explore the state in depth can take on one of the great American journeys, heading west out of Miami and through the Everglades, before following the seafront north, maybe as far as state capital Tallahassee.

Just you, your thoughts and the open road


6. Paris

Paris needs no introduction whatsoever! Parisians are a culture all to themselves, who dress tastefully and behave impeccably. For the romantics out there, where could be better?

Paris in Spring, we all want to tick this one off, right?

Parasol, lace gloves, and ALL the carbs!

Enjoy the tourist hot spots and take a trip down the Seine in a Baton Mouche. But for some vintage naughtiness a trip to the infamous Moulin Rouge is a must!



7. San Francisco

It may measure less than 50 square miles, but San Francisco justly ranks as one of the greatest cities in the world. Famous for grand-dame Victorians, classic cable cars, dynamic diversity, a beautiful waterfront and that iconic soaring crimson bridge.

The ‘City by the Bay’ truly has it all, from Alcatraz to trend-setting cuisine ranging from Michelin-starred dining to outrageous food vans; world-renowned symphony, ballet, theatre and opera; plus almost boundless outdoor adventures, San Francisco justifiably stands out as one of the ultimate must-sees on any traveller’s wish list.

The Hyde Street Cable Car

Written by Colin Brown who is a Travel Counsellor Ambassador for his wife Lizzie Adamson-Brown



Tel: 0191 432 6570


Dont forget to tell us your favourite destination in the comments section below and I will get Colin to investigate a special group ticket for us all to go there ASAP!



One thought on “Top 7 Vintage Destinations for 2016

  1. Brilliant post! I totally agree that travel can certainly give you a sense of freedom and help you learn so much about yourself!

    My favourite country is India, it’s one of the only countries that gets your 5 senses going crazy all at once!

    Liked by 1 person

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