Announcing a New Project!

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been getting feedback suggestions about stepping out from behind the camera and getting in front of it.  For me this intially set me on EDGE!

I love to chat and talk in general, I always have.  I was the chatterbox in school, and still love nothing more than a great dinner party where the ‘real talking’ happens (usually after the food and wine).  But doing it all in front of a camera, to a plan, structured, and with some kind of authority just jarred with me.  I couldnt figure out why.

This frustrated me.  What was it?  What was so hard about doing this?

I began to get so irritated with myself that I decided all there was to be done was to JUST GET OVER IT! And then, CRACK ON!

So that is what I did.  Bit by bit, piece by piece.  I began by smashing the hell out of my reservations.  After all they were just fears and self conciousness.

So I began by FINALLY getting out there and updating my own Headshots.  You might remember this post and update from back in December:

My Headshots: I step in front of the lens with some trepidation 

Just prior to this I was getting more and more requests from my clients and contacts to start sharing some more things about the business workings as a whole.  One lady even told me in November that she “could listen to me telling stories about my odd life for hours”, and I had met her on that very same night!

So when the headshots experience was signed and sealed, and I was proud to use them out across my social media, I then started digging a little deeper and figuring out why I was still feeling a little bit reserved about turning the camera around for a change.  The usual things I hear from my clients about their hang-ups over how they look, was just the same for me.  The last 4 years of running a business single handedly had NOT agreed with my overall health and wellbeing, how was I ever going to really feel ‘camera ready’….. On a regular basis?

Working it in the shadows!

So it was time to “Pull up my big girl panties” (as Denise Duffield Thomas would say) and smash the heck out of this ongoing -and quite damaging pattern- I had gotten into.  I decided I would only ever really break the habit if I took on a personal trainer to help me get my energy levels up and become healthier, I would always cancel a personal workout when I have work on the business to do (which lets face it, never really stops).  But for me, if it was an appointment where another person was waiting on me, that felt different.

Then by chance I met Tina from Northern Star Fitness, at a fun conference we both attended.  She spoke about how she taught ‘normal’ women how to “Lift weights and Pull up Trees!”.  I had to find out more.  We met up and had an initial consultation and I booked up there and then.  This out-of-my-comfort-zone challenge was just what I needed to get into shape.

Since the beginning of the year I have really enjoyed training with Tina.  I’m now lifting decent weights, and what I love the most about this type of excercise is how mentally challenging it is.  For me, the only way that weight is coming up off the floor in a deadlift is if I put all of the niggles of the day/week out of my mind, and start believing I can “Lift this sucker!”.  Doing this on a regular basis has really clicked for me, and it’s actually freed up my mind for more ideas.

woman lifting beer keg on a sunny day in an industrial setting
Me learning the early stages of “cleans” with a beer keg!

Each week I have been adding to these ideas and musings around the thought of developing my You Tube Channel, and adding some short vlogs into this regular blogging pattern.  Some times I’ve felt totally “blah” about it, and then other times I have 8 ideas all at once.

So now I’m at the stage where I am almost ready to get these idea’s completed and into filming sessions.  But first, I thought I would check in and see how you felt about my idea subject areas right now, laid out here on my drawing board.  I really value your opinion, and would love to see you enjoy what I end up creating, so tell me your thoughts and feelings on this new project by clicking on the link below:


I am constantly adapting my business to feedback.  I think its an essential way to being successful, so by giving me your views on this, and how you feel will have a HUGE impact on the end result.  So, thank you for continuing to be involved!

As usual I plan to maybe float this opinon-gathering on social, but you guys are the ones I wanted to come to first with EVERYTHING, so you get first say.  Depending on how the stats lie, I may or may not decide to do this.  I will keep you posted.

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