Sensational Pin-Up Girl 101 Awesome Giveaway

I’ve decided that with V-Day approaching us, it’s high time for a little self-love.  I have always hated the hallmark holiday.  Even now, in my engaged status, we celebrate in anarchist style by maybe going out to dinner (or spending quality time) around March or January.  But this aside, it doesn’t mean that the pin-up in me cant enjoy the season by spreading a bit of love around by giving something away.

So here it is…..

I have been asking myself for a couple of weeks now. What could I get you all, what would you like? What would I like, if I was you guys?  And then it hit me.

We need to do a basic Pin-up Girls 101!

So I have pulled together all of the things that I think help to make me happy as a pin-up and made them into a cute goodie bag.

First up I went out and found a great Vintage scarf from a great local business – The Yesterday Society.

Rolled up Silk Scarf, with supplier's business card presented in front of it.
Great Blue, Red and White Silky Scarf from The Yesterday Society. Give them a follow and check them out on their social media. They rock!

I can never be without a bunch of scarves. I love them! I love to accessorise my outfits with them, or even just my handbags with them.  They are great to put under the collar of great vintage coats. Then they can be worn in  tonne of ways on your head to hide bad hair days (we all have them) or to show off hair when we have gotten our hair great.

Next up….

Red lips!

Red lipstick by mac, with a hand holding it for the photograph
MAC’s Ruby woo. In creme matt. Stays there for a long day, never fails on ya!

A great red lip shows off almost every pin-up gal look.  If you haven’t got a tube of Ruby in your arsenal, then you certainly need her! Just a side note here – this is my personal stick here.  I pinky promise the one in your goodie bag giveaway is brand new.


Then to finish. I personally like to rock out my look with a little kick to get my day flowing.  No – thats not with a cheeky hip flask! (although some days I’d be partial). It’s with my trusty sidekick. Caffeine!

A cup of coffee being held by a hand for the photograph.
Organic Caffeine from Pret a Manger. For a whole week.

I called the kind folks at Pret a Manger to see if I could get an International Gift Card set up for the lucky winner and they were able to help me out. So there is a week’s worth of coffee to help you with a spring in your step.  They also supply a wide range of organic scrumminess if you are a clean-bird too.  So you might decide to do ‘lunch up right’ with your pals instead.

So rolled all up together, and you have a great bunch of goodies there.

Feb Pin-Up101 Giveaway
The Pin-Up Girl 101 Awesome Giveaway In all its Glory!

There are a whole list of ways to enter this giveaway, and I recommend you take advantage of as many ways as possible to enter, as this will significantly increase your chances of becoming a winner.

To begin just click on the link right here.


The contest closed at midnight on 20th March 2016 GMT

The Winner of this Giveaway was Danielle Fanelli from Louisville, KY, USA

4 thoughts on “Sensational Pin-Up Girl 101 Awesome Giveaway

  1. Thank you for such a generous giveaway! If selected as a winner, I will take a selfie with my winnings and tag your page so that my fit fam and followers can purchase as well as follow you on ig. My Instagram is @official_swolemates.


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