Current Tricks in SEO & Matching Them To Your Vintage Business

I asked expert Belinda from Arttia Creative to give us the skinny on the 2016 SEO trends as she sees them for the Vintage-based business.

Belinda is a Creative Consultant and a genius when it comes to brand building with SEO and Creative Content.  I find that there are usually two camps when it comes to the technical stuff like this: Camp A the ones who are happy to let the experts do it for them, and then Camp B the ones who want to see how it’s done exactly and give it a bit of a go themselves.  This is exactly what I was talking about from a Photographic perspective a couple of weeks ago.

Meet Belinda, she is not keen on the selfie, but I’d still LOVE to get her in a pin-up ‘sitch’! (She will hate me for saying that).  The deco bob is divine!

Hi Belinda!

So, less of my ramblings, over to you Belinda!

Sprinkle a little Search Engine Optimisation Magic on your Brand

Let’s start with a few questions.

  1. How do your customers find you online?
  2. How do your customers find your brand online?
  3. Do they REALY understand why your brand is different, and so choose you above others with a similar offering?
  4. Would you like searchers to look for ‘Vintage Jeweller, Pasedena’ or ‘Pasedena Vintage Pearls’? (fictional business)

I am guessing you would prefer the ‘branded’ search. Their most direct route to you and your unique services.

Google and other search engines are getting smarter every day.  Your searchers are increasingly savvy.


SEO Search engine optimisation has changed completely over the past few years and increasingly revolves around the contextual, customer and social relevance of your content as opposed to the number of keywords you can stuff into your site pages.


Hold on, wait, keywords and phrases still play a part in SEO and having a good key phrase strategy in place will provide a great foundation on which you can build your online efforts and therefore build your brand.

This new philosophy around SEO can really empower you as a content creator and so your brand. Giving you an opportunity to leverage your online influence in ways that were perhaps not possible before.


You want your brand to be top of mind whenever a searcher is looking for your services. So you need to define a strategy that effectively links your brand with the phrases and content that your customers are looking for.


How do you do this? How do I make my business the go-to brand in my sector?


By being the best and sharing why you are the best. Building up your brand awareness online across all that you do. Promote your brand and why you are different…

Arttia Tweetable

  • Weave into your content your target key phrases, variants and topics around these phrases
  • Publish content that is relevant, informative and engaging – it MUST be of outstanding quality and extremely useful (that takes work)
  • Research both what your customers want and what they really need
  • Give them useful answers to the questions you know they ask about your services and products.


Your brand building SEO includes not just your website and content, but all the other places you are promoting yourself online. The places where your audience ‘hangs out’. You need to make sure are they REALY working to promote your brand to the right people. Take time to weave in your key phrases in to your social profiles and content. Some of the social networks have great search tools, so make sure you are easily found.

Non digital – keep in mind your off-line marketing and make sure it complements and blends with your on-line activity. The two working together can be a powerful brand building force.



It’s no longer enough to simply publish your website or content and leave it standing. You need to reach out and tell people your news and your expertise.

None of this can happen over night. You need to consistently reach out, regularly, over a sustained period of time. Reaching the coveted page one placement on Google requires a combination of strong website design, organic SEO and a well planned internet marketing campaigns.



It is achievable and well worth the effort.


It’s worth it!

I’d like to thank Belinda for her time and expertise on this blog, I hope you find it useful in your SEO scheduling for 2016.


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