Hi Happy Hippsie Hilda!

A few weeks ago I shared a viral post about pin-up Hilda on my Facebook Page.  The insights went CRAZY! And I was fascinated by this.  Why Hilda, what is it about her over all my other pin-up stuff.  It turns out, Hilda is currently seriously trending online right now.  So I’ve been musing on this.  Here I am supping on my green juice, always trying to portray a ‘put-together’ and less clumsy version of myself out into the world, along with the rest of my vintage/30-something/business wielding demographic.  What’s so ‘spesh’ about Hilda?

She is famous for being a little bit more buxom than the stereotypical leaner classic gals we associate with pin-ups from the same era.  If you have missed this whole Hilda phenomenon, meet the lady herself:


Pin-Up Hilda dressed in Daisy chains, drinking the falling rain
Hilda – Gettin’ Caught in the Rain
She must have known she’d get a call, why else set up the tub next to the phone. right?
What came first? The Lucille skit or the Hilda wine making illustration?
What came first? The Lucille skit or the Hilda wine making illustration?

What stands out for me about her is the essence of her fun-loving spirit. Getting caught naked in the rain, chatting on the phone mid-bathing. Y’know Hilda is definitley a Pina Colada drinker, and would definitley support you in a wild whim to go ‘all-in’ with your life’s savings chips on red.
Sadly Hilda wasn’t as big a success as she maybe could have been because artist Duane Bryers was unable to keep creating her consistently you can see slight differences in the face here


This woman has PERFECT skin!
This woman has PERFECT skin!

Back then such flaws in illustration was not something to be received as ‘artistic licence’ it was branded more along the lines of ‘sloppiness’.  So she failed.
In today’s world of the new acceptance of the norm being a plus-size girl, I think there is a place again now for Hilda, artist interpretations aside. The viral success speaks volumes of this.
I find so many of the settings Hilda is in to be hugely inspirational.  Toying around with the fun and hilarity of clumsiness and idea of simply laughing at life makes pin-up a little bit more appealing. I have to ask the question – Does it make the woman seem a little more real? Does it round of her character, make her seem more approachable?  Lets face it, being with a woman who is drop-dead gorgeous has to get a little bit dull after a while if she cant hold a conversation and share a decent meal with you, right?

Fun in the Sun!
tumblr_lip2edNwp41qd7ygho1_1280 (1)
Very Prepared!
na Fila A 4
Scratch that Itch!


hilda-pin-up-ronde-duane-bryers-L-3 2213732505_7854d2c5a6 fb0a85382aad0961192a7aee2f8dbd06








I’d love to reinterpret these through my pin-up photography. Tell me, what are your most favourite Hilda looks, and which would you sport for your shoot?

I’m opening the floor to discussion here.  Mix yourself a cocktail, lets talk!


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