Trish cuddles into her Horse Dimitri

Trish’s Private Horse Pin-Up Sneak Peek

Trish is one of my favourite Pin-up clients. She is a self-confessed addict of our shoots together.  We now try to get together to be creative a couple of times a year, or, when she finds a new dress or gown.

Here I was finally able to meet her two beloved horses.  I’m so thrilled with the results I had to share them with you all first.Woman in sparkly ballgown standing in forest

Marilyn Low Sun

Pin-Up waits outside the stable door in a blue swing dress on the line of a shadow.

Trish and her two horses by either side. Their lead ropes coordinate with her red and blue swing dress esemble

Trish cuddles into her Horse Dimitri

Laying down in a pile of hay inside her stables, Trish wears a Red and Blue Swing Dress.

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Or, why not let me know what you would like to shoot together in a private session right here in the comments field below?


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