Kathryn on white wall

An Interview with A Plus Size Pin-Up Client

I never stop loving how much I make my clients fall in love with themselves!

In today’s world of media shame and constant messages -from all directions- telling women to change in one way or another, before they can even begin to look in a mirror and think “I’m beautiful”, many of us never even get to the point where we can simply look in a mirror.

I’ve caught up with some of my previous clients and asked them the same questions about how their pin-up session made them feel.

See how FATshion blogger Kathryn felt during and after her Pearman Pin-up experience with me.

Kathryn on white wall
1) You mentioned feeling slightly nervous before shooting with me in your blogs, can you talk about those feelings in a bit more detail?

I had had a regular photo shoot in February for an advertising campaign, and I wasn’t overly confident with how those photos had come out. I didn’t want to be a let down to the Collaboration, which is why I was exceedingly nervous!

2) Are you brave enough to share what you think you’re most unattractive or unsexiest attribute is?

I am a body positive, confident woman in her 30s, and while there are areas which aren’t as attractive as others, they all belong to me, and therefore, are awesome!

3) And what’s the most sexiest or beautiful part of you? In your opinion.

My body as a whole – it would be easy to say my boobs, or my eyes, but they’re only there because the rest of me supports them – so well done body, for winning best supporting actor!Plus size girl in pink top and wiggle skirt waiting between film takes

4) Has a lover or an admirer ever found something beautiful about you that surprised you?

I remember once, early in my ‘romancing’ days, being told my skin was so smooth he couldn’t stop touching it. I didn’t know what to say really, so just blushed and pulled away.

5) As a plus size chick, what do you think is one of the major hang ups a fellow plus size pin-up trying to find their inner pin-up siren might contemplate before making the choice to just try it all out? From putting on a red pout, winged eye, or even deciding to indulge in a pin-up shoot?

I think that pinup is always thrusted upon the plus size arena as the hourglass figure is lauded as the ideal. Which is why I was keen to express the other side of pinup – the rockabilly masculine side with my ‘fat rizzo’ outfit!
With the skater dress being the in style over the past few years, and the likes of LindyBop offering really affordable reproduction vintage, it is not that much of a stretch to wear a vintage full skirted number to the office, or on a night out. Do it, what is the worst that could happen?

6) What is pin-up for you?

Pinup is the empowerment that feeling sexy gives you. Whether that sexy comes from the bold red lip, the cinched waist, or a visible décolletage, it is owning that sexiness, rather than being the unwilling participant in that exchange.

7) How do you think this art form is Mis-interpreted? And by whom do you think this is mostly by?

I feel other women are probably the quicker to judge the pinup art form, rather than seeing it as an inversion of the usual male / female relationship. But again, I find because I’m confident in myself in general, that also generates negativity from other women – so I suspect their issue lies with seeing confident women and instead of going ‘I want to be like them’, they want to bring us down to their level.Red Headed Quiff

8) How did you feel during the pin-up experience with me?

The whole day was a hoot from start to finish. I knew from the two preproduction meetings that there would be laughs aplenty, but the team as a whole worked so well together that it was a truly memorable day.

9) And looking back at the work we created, do you think or feel differently about yourself?

It is amazing. There are no comparisons with my previous photo-shoot because these photos are so much better!!

One thing I took away from this whole experience is Girrrrrrrrrl, I can sure cast shade like the best of them!!

10) Finally, what’s the best piece of pin-up advice you can give to a newbie or a die-hard pin-up fan?

Take a photo of yourself at your best, and imagine that you look just like that photograph throughout the day – that confidence of fresh makeup, and perfect hair will then travel with you too.Basking in the sunlight

If you would like to find out more about my Pin-up services, you can subscribe to my VIP guest list to be the first informed about the locations I’m shooting from.

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