Mickey Mouse Cake, Homemade

Joshua’s 2nd Birthday Party

Children playing with Bubbles, filled with glee
The Joy of Bubbles!
2 year old sitting with his Grandad aboard a train
With Grandad on Thomas
Thomas the Tank Engine Train with Granddad and Grand child aboard
We weren’t 100% on who was more excited about the train ride, Joshua or Grandad
Little Girl Laughing at a party goodie bag
Child destroying a Disney pinata
Pinata Time!


Parents organising a birthday party
Ever the organised team, parents Pete & Karen
Boy peaks out of the bottom of his blindfold whilst playing a party game
“I promise, I cant see a thing through this Blindfold!”
Boy holding up his opened up presents with pride
Winner of Pin the Star on Mickey!
Mickey Mouse Cake, Homemade
Homemade Mickey Cake, that was DELICIOUS!
Big sister puts daisys on her little sisters head
Big Sisters will always be Big Sisters, I know because I am one myself!
Post Cake Carnage Crumbs
Post Cake Carnage Crumbs
A Very Happy Birthday Boy Indeed!
A Very Happy Birthday Boy Indeed!

I had so much fun with you all!  Thanks for having me there to share in the special day.

To all of Joshua’s guests, the FULL private Gallery is now Live and ready to be seen. ¬†‘rents Pete & Karen will be sending you the VIP instructions to this gallery shortly.

If you would like to stay in touch, lets connect over on Facebook!


Laura x


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