Special Sneak Peek

SNEAK PEEK: Joshua’s Pet’s Corner Shoot

For the 8th session in Joshua’s Baby First’s Book, I joined him and his Daddy Pete for a day trip to the Park and to see some animals. ┬áHere is a sneak peek at some of the best photographs from our shoot together.

Child looking through zoo railings at animals with facination
Joshua Looking at the Animals
Daddy Pete, holding baby Joshua up on his shoulders as they both look down upon the waterfall from a bridge
Playing Daredevils at the Waterfall in Jesmond Dene. We are sorry Mammy.
Toddler Joshua pushes his trike along with glee instead of the traditional method of sitting on it and riding it.
Pushing the trike or sitting on it, either way is fun.
A Beautiful portrait of Daddy Pete and son Joshua, in an embrace.
Content boys
Joshua looks behind himself at me whilst sitting on his trike.  About to peddle away
A quick manoeuvre on the 3 wheels and he shot off before giving me this great little smile
Joshua holding Daddy's hand and looking down at the cherry blossoms that have fallen to the park's grassy ground.
Taking Daddy for a walk through the Blossoms

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