A Summerly Collaborative Love-in

I’m thrilled to be able to finally announce an exciting project that has been a few months in the making.

This all stemmed from my wish to share news of a relaunch of the vintage pin-ups photography services Pearman Photography offers.  As you may or may not know, this was always a studio based experience.  That was fun but I’ll be honest, my creative mind was getting a little fried from the limitations of this service.  I wanted to be able to give all of my pin-up clients even more of a wonderful experience.  So I’ve been away for a while thinking on that, and now I have something figured out, I want to announce it in a little bit of style!

So I have gathered a fantastic team together to collaborate their skills and expertise.  I really love doing this.  The amount of talent emerging in this area is truly phenomenal!  I find working with experts in other creative fields to be so inspiring.  We can feed off of each others ideas, as well as network on future projects together.  And, have a fun being creative weirdos together!

Please stay tuned over on my social media for the very latest of news on this project as it unfolds before you eyes.

IF however you are already one of my dedicated Vintage pin-up photography fans, or you are already thinking “Laura, this is RIGHT up my street” you can click here and sign up to be a Vintage aficionado VIP.  This will put you on my VIP-Guest list.  Think of it as a queue-jumper into the finest vintage club in the 50’s Hollywood days.  You’re right there with Bette and Joan.  I’ll give you lot the first sneak peaks to everything about this service as well as this project from here on in.
Bette Davis



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