How To Prioritise Your Wedding Budget

You may be at the beginning of your Wedding Planning journey and wondering where to start.  We hope this blog will help you prioritize that all important budget, or begin making use of the pot of savings you have ready to spend.   We found this very helpful info-graphic from The Wedding Scoop, its a great way of visualising the average way its done, and then from there you can start on selecting how this might change to meet your own tastes.  If you want a dry wedding, then how would you spend that surplus 5% and so on.

TWS-WeddingStylist-Infographic-2 copy

We got in touch with one of the regions leading Wedding Planners Dawn Marie, to see what her expert advice was on this tricky subject.


One thing that you will see that is missing from the budget wheel above is the Honeymoon.  Trying to keep this part of the budget separate from the Wedding, gives you more clarity on allocating the desired amounts of money to all things around the Wedding day.

With any level of investment, we always ALWAYS remind our engaged couples to invest in some Wedding Insurance.  You would buy this for a car, a holiday, or add the value of some significant DIY to your home insurance, so why not back yourselves up with some Wedding Insurance.  It really isn’t that much of your budget comparatively.  Here are some places to help you get clued up:


If you want to find out more about Pearman Photography’s Wedding Services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.  We would love to help you out, and we never EVER hard sell.


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