How To Hang a Picture. Right

So!  We have really thought long and hard about how to help you with requests we get about how to go about hanging the new artwork we create for you in your home.  Although we happily offer to come and help you hang pieces up with care and planning as part of our after-care services with the upper range collections, we thought it best to have a look around online and see if we can help all of our clients out when it comes to hanging things right at home.

After all, if you are going to invest all the time, effort and money into making a beautiful picture with us, it seems only right to follow this through, and make sure it stays up, in the right place once you have it back at home.  From a practical stand point, we found these videos offered some great guidance:

This guy, helpfully explains to you what options to go for based on the kind of wall you are dealing with:

Then this video is really useful in showing you how to achieve level pictures, hung to last.  Perfect for creating what’s known in the biz as a “splash”  this is basically a collection of pictures hung together to create one larger feature:


We always advise you on the best place to hang a picture, and we will even happily come and visit you at home to help you plan something for a longer term photography project.  Clients with babies or small children have taken us up on this service, with a view to working together over an extended period of time to create a heirloom collection for your home.  This makes it really easy to plan a time-lapse photography project together, so when you next come to the studio for a shoot, we all know which area of the house we want to use the pictures in.

If you would like some help with getting your photography collections in order, and beautifully presented at home, then why not contact the studio:


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