How to prepare your baby for their First Professional Photoshoot

As with most things in life, planning pays off.  If you are contemplating having your new bundle of joy photographed for the first time, here is out guide on how to make sure your investment produces the right pictures you want from the experience.



No professional photographer or new parent wants to deal with a grouchy baby, that doesn’t want to cooperate on a shoot.  Photographers who deal with babies on a regular basis will ask you to advise them on a rough idea of when your baby is sleeping, and is most alert during the day.  If you want to have your newborn photographed and you still are not into much of a routine, we offer you an extended appointment to be able to deal with quick feeds and settling into short naps.  This takes off the pressure on everyone and means we can capture baby whilst sleeping (makes for great peaceful style shots) and then when they wake up.  If you do have a routine however, never feel pushed by a photographer to fit within their time frames.  Opt for a time that will give the camera the best insight to your baby at the best during the day.

Obviously no baby is 100% predictable.  Any good photographer is totally cool with this notion, and if your baby simply is not in the best frame of mind when it comes to the day, you should be able to simply re-book the session at no extra charge.


Please do not worry in anyway about your baby giving their photographer a ‘surprise’  this is very VERY normal with babies.  Again, any good photographer will be prepared for this eventuality, and should take it in their stride.  We advise parents bring a spare change of clothes to go home in, should something happen during a shoot.  Those gorgeous natural bare bum shots are beautiful, what you don’t see in the final frame is the range of towels and standbys kept on hand just out of shot.  All of our surfaces, props and items used in our sessions are fully washable and sterilized before every baby visits us.  We plan in time to deal with this.  And it is almost inevitable when working with newborns.


We make it part of our customer care processes to ask you if there is a certain style of photography you hate.  Maybe you might love your baby dressed up as a cute little chicken in a nest, or, this idea might really make you cringe.  Either way, if we don’t have this conversation we cannot guarantee that you are going to be 100% happy with the work we create for you.  So please always voice your personal style tastes with your professional photographer before it comes to shoot day.  If you have a really personal idea that you want to create, tell us about it, we can then work together to make sure every item is ready to use.  We will advise you what is and isn’t possible to achieve and ultimately everyone will be all the more happier for having the conversation.

Baby Chick Anne Geddes
Super Cute? Or just Cringey?


Before making the call or sending off the enquiry email to your photographer, ask yourself why you want to have these professional pictures taken.  How will you use them? Do you want a nice picture to be hung up in the nursery, or as a statement art piece in your home where guests can admire it?  Do grandparents and relations want to get images for themselves?  Are you looking to make a keepsake memory book where you can save all of your babies development with them when they’re older? Are you more of a digital photography user?  Would something a bit more modern and technical be of use to you?  Have a think about this and then contact your photographer.  When you have a clear idea of your answers and views to these questions your photographer will be able to guide you into selecting the right kind of service package.  At this stage it is also wise to ask your photographer how long they will store your image files for.  If you know they will be deleting everything 3 months after you have left the studio, it might be wise to see if you can get copies of digital files.  If they hold onto things for longer, you can then explore options available to you on re-accessing them at a later date if needed.


Why not find out more about the options available to you from our studio?  Contact the studio:




Laura xx


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