How to Pick Your Wedding Colours

Experiencing a selection of Weddings gives us a great objective insight into tips and tricks on getting your colours right.  With a Wedding Colour Pallette decision made, you should find deciding on details like centre-pieces and other decor a breeze.

Wedding bells, a US blog recommend you think about your location and season to help you begin to get a base colour as a starting point.  Then moving on to think about your bridesmaids and what will work for them may result in you selecting more shades of the same colour to add more depth to the overall hue of your wedding as well as keeping everyone happy with what they will be wearing.

“When it comes to colour, try and have a palette of three or four analogous colours to work together well.  Its so much easier on you and adds a lot of depth to any floral designs.” Emma Pink – Boutique Floral.

Here is a helpful info-graphic to show you what the difference is between triadic colour and then analogous colour:

Analogous vs Triadic

Here is another helpful guide for you from another famous US Wedding blog, The Knot:


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