A VERY BIG 13th Birthday Surprise

When I was asked to be in on a horsey secret I was rather excited.

I never did get into the whole Horse thing as a teenager, or as a child – for me I was all about dancing and roller skating.  But I did always like the idea of owning a horse and cantering through meadows and plaiting their hair.  Harriotte however has been MAD about horses since she was a very small child.  Parents Sarah & Bill told her that if she proved to them how dedicated she was to a rental horse they might consider buying one for her as a 13th birthday present.  The couple of years with this promise hanging in the air passed very quickly, and Harriotte was indeed committed to her part-time pony Gem.  So as she had stayed true to this big promise it was time for Sarah & Bill to find a horse.

Searching was done as part of a huge Top Secret mission for a long period of time.  The family met Prince Van on one of their trips to see prospective horses.  Harriotte was told that Van had been bought by another new owner, and the search was continuing (probably after her birthday had passed) for her horse.  Needless to say this small addition to the truth was in fact a ruse, and Prince Van was going to become Prince Van Lane.  In the weeks that led up to the big reveal Sarah, Papa (John) and Bill worked tirelessly to find the right stables, kit out the new stables with all of the stuff Harriotte would need, and then, help organise transportation of Prince Van to the new stables.

To show you the real impact of this big surprise I have created a video to show off how the whole surprise went down.


Huge thanks to Harriotte’s brother William for his EXPERT presenting skills.

(He told me that he wasn’t too bothered about getting a horse, so he is now expecting a “gangster ride” (sports car to the rest of us).


Happy saving to the rents we say!



If you are planning a BIG surprise or special Birthday event, we would love to be part of making it special.

Contact the studio to discuss, we especially love being in on top secret events.




2 thoughts on “A VERY BIG 13th Birthday Surprise

  1. Laura this is just amazing, that day will stay with me forever, I will tell my children and grandchildren of that magical moment I got Prince Van and now I have the pictures to show them and to remind me of just how blessed I am.

    Thank you so much for doing such an awesome job, all of us are with full hearts and wet eyes seeing this.


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