“Down Under” Collaboration Photography

Well isn’t this exciting! The studio recently got a job collaborating with, guess who, Zoom in with Eden.


Zoom in with Eden is a Sydney based photography studio run by the talented Eden Connell. Our paths have crossed due to a very sweet reason. The relatives of local lad Chris and his brothers decided to prepare a ‘frame within a frame photo’ to give to their Dad Stuart on his 60th birthday. The only hitch was… the two families are separated by continents and oceans.

While the majority of the family is based here in Newcastle, England, one brother -Andrew- is based all the way over in Sydney, Australia. It is practically worlds apart isn’t it?

Just a couple of days ago Laura at Pearman Photography took some shots of the boys here while Eden at Zoom in with Eden, took shots of Andrew in Sydney. What else can we say other than, we will go international on a collaboration piece, to make our clients happy.


To make sure the final images fitted together, Laura and Eden chatted via email about how they would set up their lighting rigs, and the kind of poses they both get the brothers (and grandson Oscar) into.  We all agreed that hands down, Oscar was the best poser of the bunch.

Eden did his shoot first and then fired over retouched versions to the Pearman Photography Studio.  Then at this end we had Chris, brother Stephen and then his son, Oscar pop by one evening to the studio.  Then it took us a couple hours to sort out the right combinations of frame in frame finished shots to get a final piece that Chris loved, and that he thought Dad would love.

Here is the final result!

The final selected version
The final selected version
Alternative Version.  Brothers interacting in Picture in Picture
Alternative Version. Brothers interacting in Picture in Picture



And here are some mobile phone pictures (thanks Chris) of the birthday king himself both opening the gift and showing it off in his smart birthday get-up.

Stuart opening Gift


Birthday Posing - Stuart with his international Gift



Thanks so much to being an excellent collaborator to Eden, and for the Walls brothers for bringing this cool international project to the studio!


If you like the look of this picture-in-picture style portrait, and you would like to get one made of your family, then please do not hesitate to contact the studio:




We can’t wait to do another project just like this one some time soon, and lets see if anyone out there can beat this current record distance of 10467.7 Miles on making the next one.



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