Guest blogging for the win!

Hello my Pear-tography Enthusiasts (see what I did there?),

I would like to introduce to you the very special, very kind, and very talented Brad McCormick. To further B2B collaboration we decided to guest blog for each other, here’s his part of the deal. Hope you enjoy!


My name is Brad McCormick (The Kiwi Celebrant) and I’m delighted to be guest blogging for Pearman Photography this month.  Just to give you some context to who I am and what I do, I’m an independent civil celebrant originally from New Zealand but now based in Newcastle and I conduct Wedding Ceremonies and Naming Ceremonies.

A lot of people aren’t 100% sure what it is that I do, so I’ll explain below:

Wedding Ceremonies

With marriage laws in England being as they are, to get legally married in a non-religious setting means a wedding in a registry office or a Registrar coming to an ‘approved venue’ to perform the ceremony there.  However the legal ceremony is, in my opinion, very short and very impersonal.  Also, the couple’s ability to add any content at all is extremely limited.

What’s becoming more common is for couples to pop along to the registry office a couple of days before their wedding or even the morning of, to complete the legal formalities.  They then employ someone like me to perform a much longer, more personal and unique ceremony in front of all their family and friends.

And that’s what I love about doing this – working with the couple to create something that’s unique to them.

Rather than it just being a recitation of certain words to fulfil a legal requirement, it’s an explicit acknowledgement of the two individuals who have chosen to make their commitment together.  The ceremony lights up with unique detail, personally written vows and small rituals that are important to the couple.

And the ceremony can be performed anywhere – at someone’s home, at a marquee in a field somewhere, wherever you like!


Naming Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies are becoming more and more common.  They are, essentially, secular christenings.  Couples looking to introduce their child to their friends and family in a non-religious setting are choosing Naming Ceremonies.  Just like the Wedding Ceremonies I perform, the scripts for Naming Ceremonies are aimed at being completely unique and personal and can be performed anywhere at any time.
If you’d like any more information, my website is


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