A Very Lovely Love Affair

Melissa & Brian were given an auction prize from a wedding we donated to the Toma Fund back in 2012. A close friend had the winning bid.
After our initial consultation meeting, I was so excited to hear that the wedding would have its own quirky 50’s style. Even better Melissa and Brian told me “be creative” when I asked them what kind of engagement session we’d shoot.


So we met just as the sun was coming up on a chilly autumn morning. First we started out on the tiny beach cove next to North Shields Fish Quay.


They were both great sports at being up for sneaking into the operational part of the fish quay too. So many great colours and textures, makes for a great backdrop.


After watching the sun rise we all went for some breakfast in a cute little cafe near by to warm up.



Brian told me about how Stan Laurel from infamous Laurel and Hardy was from North Shields whilst we were having breakfast. I recall my own grandma telling me jokes about knowing Stan Laurel but I never did make the connection as a child. So it was utterly fitting for us to wrap such a lovely morning in the park just up the road dedicated to the star himself.


A few months later and the Valentines Day Wedding was upon us. I hung out with the girls during the morning, preparations began at a nearby salon,


We then all ventured to The Grand Hotel in Tynemouth to start getting ready.



All of Melissa’s bridesmaids had their own colour, this was revealed in both their vintage styled petticoats and fascinations, such a cute idea,


Along with vintage styling, Melissa teamed her own individual style on her wedding shoes and herby based bouquet, it smelt beautiful!




Melissa had a big reveal planned all morning to show the secret dress off to everyone. She told me selecting it was totally against what she thought she’d go for. Another of the many converted brides I meet who simply have that “this is the one” feeling when picking their gown.


Here was their reaction to the dress,


The next in Melissa’s surprises was her having told all those leaving the hotel “they’d just have to book a taxi”. I loved her fun filled mischief!




Whilst we were waiting for the pre-ceremony interviews to take place the bridesmaids waited in the adjoining room to where the marriage would take place. On admiring their individualised corsages, I thought this came out looking like a pre-match huddle up, but of course, in a beautiful bridal sort of way.


Melissa’s entrance and walk up the aisle,


Brian beamed throughout the ceremony, and in fact, for the rest of the day. A very happy groom indeed,


Just before we shot the next picture, the whole bridal party burst into a rather spontaneous sing a long to ‘Madness – A You Need is Love’, I cannot wait to show this off in a mini video clip!


We then dashed over to the venue before the rain caught us out.


Everyone saved their confetti to still catch them when they arrived,



An official online blog shout out here to Brian’s beloved Mam, she helped make all of the gorgeous bunting you see through the next set of pictures,




Many of the guested commented on this original and unique idea of a seating plan. So many of the guests had travelled from all over the globe for this wedding, take a look for yourself,


Super cute sweet cart, was a delight to all of the younger guests (and many of the older ones).


Even the sour ones,


Those with less of a sweet tooth were gifted with homemade chutney,




Celebrations built up in momentum throughout the rest of the day and night, but I will be saving those especially for the newly married couple’s eyes first.
With such a wonderfully unique and thought out wedding, the style and attention to details was a great reflection of Melissa and Brian. Very thoughtful and kind, unique in style, and not in anyway afraid to show it. And it’s safe to also conclude these two are completely mad for each other! It has been such a pleasure working with you guys, and I can’t wait to hear all about the South African honeymoon.

With Love,

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One thought on “A Very Lovely Love Affair

  1. I adore this blog as it totally captures our day and brings back such lovely memories. Laura is an absolute professional and I can’t recommend her highly enough.


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