Stopping all the Salesy S**T!

Our regular subscribers and followers of our broadcasting channels will have seen recent news about the overhaul in our pricing structure.

We’ve told you all that we have re-worked our prices to make life easier for all involved with the studio and on location work.  It was only fair we did a blog to fully inform you of why this change has taken place, and to explain in some detail how this affects you and all future clients.

Since the boom time of that ‘V’ named photography chain, photographers have been under market pressures to price in-line with their approach of “Get em in, fleece em, and onto the next”.  We hear many MANY tales of clients who were totally put off by photography as an art-form because they were lead down a sales path, and then put over an emotional barrel to buy pictures at crazy prices.  When they couldn’t pay up, they were then sold credit to cover the cost.  Thus further explaining the credit crunch that shook the world.Weddings Square with words

Since the starting pistol fired for Pearman Photography, we were determined to ensure our clients would never feel this way.  We worked hard on ensuring we looked after our clients to encourage a nice feeling about loyalty and simply telling friends about the Pearman Photography experience.  This worked really well, so we decided to make a bit more of a change, to reach our end goal when it came to pricing.  Our new method can be surmised to “Contact on reptuation, FULL prices from the get go, Wonderful experience, NO-HARD-SALES”.  And it was during my chatting about this over a coffee with another local small business, that I surmised this in a no holds barred sort of way, as you will have read in this blogs title!  She agreed with my approach and simply said “Tell them this, exactly as you have just told me”.  So this is what I’m now doing.

Baby Square with words I got into photography to move my life away from work I felt no passion for, I want my studio to reflect this shift, and only this.  Altering prices has meant that I now no longer need to feel any discomfort on waiting till the viewing session to see what clients think my creativity is worth, this part of the studio business has never sat right with me, and in all of my years working as an assistant for other photographers, this was the bit I dreaded doing the most.  Modelling & Headshot Square

In the last 6 months, if you came into the studio, chances are after we’d finished off the whole experience, I sat with you and chatted about how Pearman Photography had made you feel.  Which bits had you enjoyed and which bits weren’t perfect.  100% of the constructive feedback I got, was about the price list.  Many people found it confusing, too difficult, and some of you even told me they wished it could have been easier to spend their hard earned money with me!  So one of the biggest parts of the pricing overhaul we have made is due to this, thanks so much everyone for your honesty and for taking the time to chat about this.  I have kept just one of the old price lists to record a big “What not to do” in the Pearman Photography Archives, and over Christmas I sat and tore up what was left in the stock-pile.  This was cathartic but also a bit daunting, as at the time I was still unsure on what direction to take things in.Corporate Square with Words

After a lot of thought, and time on re-design based on all your feedback, I now have a much simpler set of prices, in a straight-forward, easy to understand, one page brochure.  I have re-worked our system based on you deciding what to buy from us before you even come into the studio.  No more feelings of mystery, nor of worry. Thanks to those of you who helped me on this journey, your honesty in giving me feedback along the way is very much appreciated.Family Square with wordsEvents Pear with Words

When you come to the studio now, we have put a real focus on the planning stage.  We work with you to figure out what you wish to do with the photography we create in your session.  How might we style the session, to shooting pictures in-line with your clear specifications on where the work might go on your walls at home, or out as gifts.  You know exactly what you have planned when you come to your guidance appointment, and we simply have a fun time together deciding which pictures fit best into your plan.


With Pearman Photography, I can sincerely tell you that with us you will never have “An emotional barrel experience”, you will never be led down a sales path, and because of this, a photographic experience need never be something you will find financially daunting.


With Love,



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