Let’s RAISE the bar…

Pearman Photography had an early morning this Monday in prep for the upcoming Raise Charity Fashion show. Down at the Kings Priory in Tynemouth, we snapped, shot and flashed while the models strutted down the catwalk shimmying what they got.

Displaying image.jpeg

The rehearsal for the fashion show is going splendidly, the models are having fun planning their routines to songs like Timber by Ke$ha or Beauty and a Beat by Justin Bieber and the organizers are working hard to bring to life this dream of a charity event.

Laura has been running around setting up photography equipment, educating the photography apprentices on the hidden tips and tricks of fashion photography.

Displaying image.jpeg

In another corner there is Kirsty Mack from Kirsty’s Pamper Treats styling the models to catwalk beauty.

Displaying image.jpeg

And all the way down the center of the room the students are learning how to do the perfect strut, with just enough attitude and charisma.

Displaying image.jpeg

The Charity Fashion Show is beginning to take form and from what it looks like it is going to be a fabulous event. There will be lots of time to admire the clothes and models, smell the perfume, hairspray and make-up, and may be even have a photo taken with that local celebrity you always drooled over. While you’re having all this fun living the high elite life don’t forget that all of the proceeds are going to Claire’s House Hospice. So any way you decide to help out, whether it is with the preparation and organization of the event or simply coming along and donating you will be making the children at Claire’s House Hospice very happy.


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