UPDATE: Cute Baby Contest

Contest Update!

With all the fantastic talent that was presented at the Cute Baby Contest the judges are having a hard time (I hear) to pick one final winner. To make everything a little more intense, rumour has it that one judge from Yogabellies has left the judging panel because they could not make a decision without bias! Good thing we have honest people in our midst otherwise the whole competition could have been skewed!

Doesn’t this make for a juicy story? So aren’t you curious which baby the remaining judges will pick to hold the honorary title of ‘Cutest Baby 2014’? Stay tuned for further updates. But definitely put this in your calendars: SATURDAY 8TH FEBRUARY 2014. Why you might ask? Because this is the date where we will announce the winner!

So here we will leave you with a taster of the beautiful babies that entered the competition, and we will leave the judges squabbling for this coming week to make a final decision.


Meet baby Aidan!


And babies: Emily and Sophie


Baby Joshua..


Baby Leo!


And Baby Max..


And Baby Nancy!


Baby Noah…


And last but not least Baby Olivia!

How will the judges ever choose?

Stay tuned on this coming Saturday as the winner shall be revealed!

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