The Cute Baby Contest!

To all the yummy mummies, budding mummies and just mummies out there!


There’s always something that can make your nest be at its best. Why shouldn’t you proudly put your tot out for display for your and every bodies viewing pleasure? And think about the future, with an empty nest you’ll want as many memories as possible to be there just at the touch of your fingertips.

Here at Pearman Photography we like to think of everything: current and future needs included! But needs don’t have to be dull so we organized a Cute baby contest for you.

Details for entry are shown on the poster! We want to give a special shout out to our poster girl, Baby Maggie who is currently a baby book client.

Baby Competition Poster

Say hello to Maggie! Isn’t she adorable?


But to get you excited about what you can win here’s a little preview:

*drum roll* For the Winner!

The prize will be inclusive of £200 worth of photography for the winning baby (courtesy from yours truely).

A Birthday cake from La Petite Fleur Cakes.

A Parent Massage from Lucy at Massage at Monkseaton.

A Block of Parent & Baby Yoga from Yogabellies (Pilgrim Street).

A Bouquet from Boutique Floral.

A Childcare night off from Kids Deserve The Best.


And for anyone who enters there are fabulous donations from:

ND make-up artists who donate Goodie Bag fillers

La Petite Fleur Cakes. Goodie Bag.

Boutique Floral. Goodie Bag.

Free Childcare Protection Plan from Karen Richardson Financial Services.


Now if you got really excited after reading this post to start your own personalized collection of photos we also have a baby book collection which is….

10 photoshoots over babies first year (2 on location).

A 10×8 print at each session, and all of the work made into a beautiful 8×8 book for parents to treasure forever.

Here’s a an email to our enquires, we’ll get back to you as soon as you can say: My baby is the cutest!




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