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I felt like I knew both Tony & Rachel really well by the time it came to photographing their wedding for them.  We initially met over the phone when discussing booking the Wedding date, and met face to face when we shot their Engagement Pictures at their Wedding Venue – Hardwick Hall.

The couple had this image printed out onto a giant canvas.  Guests signed it with a gold pen at the wedding, so now they have a beautifully customised memory instead of a guestbook
The couple had this image printed out onto a giant canvas. Guests signed it with a gold pen at the wedding, so now they have a beautifully customised memory instead of a guestbook

Having a leisurely stroll around the grounds of the Hall in the height of summer I learned that Rachel and Tony were a very passionate couple.  Like fire!  They had fallen in love in a whirlwind romance, and jetted off to Asia to travel together.  Whilst exploring new lands, Tony proposed and the rest they say is history!

Once back in the UK they discovered they were pregnant, beautiful baby Dahlie arrived in 2012.

When Tony & Rachel saw the work we had created together at Hardwick Hall, they asked me to get some pictures of Dahlie who was just about to turn 1.  We had a great time at the studio and I was lucky enough to catch a wonderfully cute expression from Dahlie, that was featured a couple of months ago in our newsletter as ‘Photo of the Month’


I then felt very lucky to be asked to help Rachel create a secret surprise to give to Tony on the morning of the Wedding.  We shot a pin-up themed session together, and also had the studio as Rachel’s rendez-vous for her WILD hen night.  I loved meeting all of her friends, catching them in the midst of excitement, and waving them off on the rest of the night as they headed int town to party.  Although the hens and I agreed the work we all made was ‘strictly confidential’ I have permission to reveal just one,

Hen Night

So with the beginning of Saturday 24th November, I set out to Tony & Rachel’s home to meet all the boys.  On arrival I could see I needed to make sure they would be fully ready and organised before I left

'A Little bit too chilled'

With some speedy ironing work (a team effort) I was ready to give Tony Rachel’s gift

Rachel's Surprise

A better look of the picture

Tony's Pic

Just about ready to go

With the boys following me, it was then time to get to the Bride.  Rachel was incredibly calm and relaxed when I arrived, taking all of the preparations in her stride.




The Room the couple had picked to get married in was beautiful, not only was the ceiling frieze a crowning glory, the venue was gearing up for Christmas, making the atmosphere that little bit more special.

An emotional giggle during the vows

With a drink in their hands, I stole the ‘now married’ couple away from the party to get some more photographs whilst we still had some wintery light left outside.








We then met up with the rest of the guests to get some group pictures together.





We all then headed back into the warm Hall to enjoy a wonderful meal together.  I’m saving the heartfelt speeches to show the couple first!


As I was leaving we got one final set of photographs for Rachel and Tony to use as their Thank you cards.  I thought this one was the sweetest!5U7A7377

If you would like to find out if we are available to help you with your Wedding Photography please do not hesitate to contact us.  We meet all of our prospective bridal clients over a coffee first.  This gives you the chance to ask any questions you might have about packages and services available, and check out all of our work at the studio.  This is a no obligation meeting, and we never hard sell.


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