We’ve moved!

Well isn’t this interesting, Pearman Photography has been going through some changes. The one of many is the change in location!

CW4, Designworks, William Street, Felling, NE10 0JP Gateshead

Now the location may seem slightly farther out, but in reality it is just a couple of metro trips away. And if you’re coming by car then there’s no need to talk about it especially with the all the available parking.

Plus, the studio now is more equipped to cater to your (the always welcome client’s) needs. There is more space to move around during your photo-shoot allowing for various angles, props and poses, the viewing area provides ample room for you (and your loved ones) to sit and discuss which photos you like best.

Now don’t get me wrong the process was not an easy task. Look at the photos, disassembling the first studio took quite a while:

The Old Studio in a Shambles!

The New Place before the Pear Touch:

New Place

But then look at the state of the studio now:

Here are all of the photographic Aspects of the new studio.
Here are all of the photographic Aspects of the new studio.

Splendid isn’t it? But why just look at the photos, come in and have some of your own taken so you can ogle them all you want.

We’ll be waiting!


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