Congratulations Julie & Darren!

I met Julie in April.  See instantly seemed like a very chilled but organised Bride to be.  My assumption was cemented during a lovely family day out on Julie and Darren’s Engagement Shoot, that we did in August at Saltwell Park.  Julie and Darren already have two beautiful daughters Alex and Ruby.  Both excellent at posing for the camera, so I knew when it came to the big day we wouldn’t have any problems with shyness!
Detailing on Julie’s dress came out perfectly in Black and White.  I got these shots in-amongst the usual preparations flurry.  In many ways, this is my favourite part of all the weddings I cover.
Something Blue.  With Navy as the main signature colour throughout the wedding.  Ruby helped me line the shoes up.
I love this rock and roll style shot.  Ruby was quite content to hang with her ipad whilst all of the grown ups around her were busy with getting ready.  Look at the little petals inside each of the younger Bridesmaids dresses.  Again, Navy, and incredibly cute.
I’d put Julie onto my friends at W Salon when it came to getting all of the girls’ hair ready.  It was a nice surprise to see their familiar faces when I arrived.  Here Sarah is working on Alex, who looks every bit the model.
I quickly ducked out to go and see how the Boys were getting ready.  Very typically relaxed and full of jokes, they were taking all of the wedding expectation in their stride.  I found out that Darren and best man David had met thorough their love of motorbikes.
Then back over to the bridal suite to see that the younger bridesmaids had received a little thank you gift from the bride.   Lovely bracelets to wear on the day!
With the whole bridal party just about ready to begin the ceremony I stole a few minutes to get some shots of everyone at their best.
Bouquets were supplied by another Friend of Pearman Photography.  None other than Emma Pink of Boutique Floral.  Bot the centre-pieces and bouquets were fabulously crafted and worked great with Julies colours and themes of the day.
I’ve saved the special shots of Julie walking down the gorgeous staircase at Linden Hall.  When I saw this picture I instantly remembered that little Ruby liked the echo sound of the grand room where the wedding would be taking place.  This is Julie and Darren’s reaction to her testing the sound out.  With a lot of children at the wedding, even the registrar commented at the end of the ceremony that all of them had been impeccably behaved.  We even gave them a clap!
Just after signing the register, Alex and her Dad shared a couple of happy tears, you would never have known it from this shot – so sorry guys, your lovely emotional moment is now out there!
Julie and Darren set to leave the grand room as Man and Wife.
At the entrance of the Hall, we got some lovely photographs of the bridal party.  I love how cute the little bridesmaids are here.
We then took a short stroll into the grounds of Linden Hall, autumnal leaves and low-sunshine made for some great photographic opportunities.  Here is Ruby running into the leaves.
Ever the daredevil, I was thrilled when I secured permission from the day’s wedding planner to jump out of the bridal suite window onto the giant mantel of the Hall.  Me and all the guests had laughs getting these kinds of shots with confetti.  Getting back into the room was not an easy feat, but you can see…. totally worth it.
Julie and her girls taking a quick moment together.  Seemed like a lovely bunch.
I told you there were a lot of children!  And this wasn’t all of them!
With the cutting of the cake, it was just about my time to duck out of the day, exiting through a busy back scenes area, the guests would never find out about.
I really enjoyed working for Julie and Darren.  I hope to stay in touch with them photographing their future together.  Congratulations guys, look forward to catching up with you.
Laura xx
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