Michael & Holly Said I Do!


Michael and Holly are such a sweet couple.


I met them shortly after their baby girl Ruby had arrived.  They were planning their Wedding and called me up straight away to book me.  I was very flattered.

Four or five months passed us by, and I couldn’t believe how much little Ruby had grown when the family came into the studio for an Engagement Shoot, and First Family Portrait session, all rolled into one.  Everyone did a great job posing and we all felt ready to rock on the day of the Wedding.

I pulled up to Horton Grange at the same time as the Bride and Bridesmaids.  We all set about getting ready in Holly and Michael’s beautiful room.


Most preparations for a wedding are filled with excitement, nervousness and a little bit of drama.  I always feel very privileged to share this time with Brides and their closest friends and family.  Its a great time to bond and get an idea of stories about the couple, how they met, as well as be an extra pair of hands needed to help with last minute sewing, hair requirements, answering the door to any callers, and of course capture the time on camera.

Holly’s preparations were certainly not drama-free.  What can only be described as “Soap-Gate” occurred.  Sensibly, before the bridesmaids helped Holly get into her dress, sister Amber had all of the bridesmaids wash their hands so as to keep the wedding dress pristine.  One by one the girls headed into the bathroom until 2 went in and didn’t come out.  Holly and I waited around and suddenly realised there was a lot of panicked whispering going on.  Rowen – Holly’s step sister, had somehow managed to spill soap all down the front of her satin dress.  Naturally, she was freaking out.  Thankfully, with all hands on deck, we figured out to gently dab the soap out and blast the dress with a hairdryer, would probably be the best solution.  We were all relieved when this worked perfectly and the mini-crisis was naturally averted.

An intimate ceremony proceeded.  The main -and very adorable- anecdote from this was Michael’s keenness to proclaim “I do” before the minister had finished her sentence.  It was clear he was very ready to be married to the lovely Holly.

With newly married couple, officially Husband and Wife, I helped get the guests ready for their dinner doing some photographs outside in the Grange’s grounds.


Michael and Holly were surprised when a close friend brought their vintage Rolls Royce for the couple to use during the day.

After a lovely meal, and excellent conversation with some guests, it was speeches time.  All did excellently.  This part of the day was marked with Michael putting another ring on it, as he presented Holly with a gorgeous Ruby and Diamond ring.

With the completion of a beautiful day, I wished the couple well, and headed on home.  I’m sure you will agree at looking at this small selection of photographs, its more than clear to see how in love Holly and Michael are. Congratulations guys!  I’m sure you will have a very long and happy marriage.

With Love,
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