A Wedding Blog to Tracey & John

Tracey and John are a really nice couple.  When we met at first I remember howling with laughter at John regaling the antics from his stag do in Liverpool.

Tracey and John met when John was a taxi driver.  He’d give Tracey free taxi fares, and make sure the other drivers gave him Tracey’s job whenever she called up for a taxi.  Over time John told me he worked up the courage to get Tracey’s number from a friend and then he texted her for a first official date.  Tracey never realised the free taxi’s had a romantic ulterior motive, but she agreed to the date.  And the rest they say, is history.

Having both been married before, it was of paramount importance to the couple that their families connect well.  They are both still thrilled that their children get on well, and together the next generation of the family knits too.

As the children are so important to both Tracey and John, they told me it was important to ensure that this was reflected in their Wedding Photography.

A Little extra Helping hand for Tracey
Tracey & Her beautiful maids all ready to get the show on the road
I love this shot.  Tracey’s tear filled eyes and John is as proud as punch!
Happy Happy Newlyweds
Getting the party started!
This shot was done especially for Tracey’s Dad who wasn’t well enough to be there on the day.  I hope he is pleased with it.

Tracey and John, I hope this blog gives you a great sneak peak of the work we created together on your day.  Looking forward to seeing you both to look at the rest of the photography soon.

Congratulations and The Very Best of Luck to you both in your marriage.

With Love,

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