Occasions Boutique Floral

Unlike the ‘standard’ florist, Boutique Floral has a huge range of flowers that can be given for all seasonal occasions, from Manly corporate desk displays for Fathers day, to Easter Bouquets and designs.
Christmas, Valentines and Mothers day are also not forgotten.
In this shoot, huge thanks go to Sarah Lane of Sarah Lane Marketing, and a Director of Mix-m8:
We used her house to feature all of the occasions created in this shoot.
Sarah’s husband Bill played ‘Dad’
Models Abbey & Erin Wrightson.
William Lane for his feet.
Emma would also like to thank Carole for her fantastic floristry assistance.
This is the last of our dedicated blogs to Boutique floral. We’d like to wish Emma and Boutique Floral the very best of luck with the new site and rapidly expanding business.  
We can’t wait to work together again with you in the future.

If you would like to get in touch for a customised quote on your photographic needs, contact Pearman Photography:  
Call:  07535625675

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