A Blog To Thomas & Vikki

I first met Vikki when I started Astley High School in 1995.  We were friends right through school and then lost touch near the end of 6th form.

Years later we met back up to have a catch up, and have stayed in touch ever since.

Vikki could never find her Mr Right.  I was always hearing her stories about odd men she dated or people she had her eye on – that just wouldn’t have worked! Then she met Thomas.  What a whirlwind it was!
I met him last winter, and in a few weeks after I’d given her my friend’s nod of approval, I was being invited along to the Wedding.  Thomas’ family is based near Blackpool, and this will be where Vikki and he plan to settle down.

I followed in the ‘geordie side’s’ pilgrimage over the country to partake in the celebrations….

Following a great catch up meal the evening before Saturday 31st August, I headed on over to Thomas’ parents’.

Thomas and his brother Paul getting ready and showing me around the house.  An after-party was planned here for later on that day.
The guys kicking back in the Gazebo.
Thomas had pulled a ‘Damien Hirst’ on his mum’s garden sign.
From one location of calm preparations, I headed back on over to The Shard Hotel into another location of calm preparations.
Vanessa, Vikki’s little sister did Hair and Make Up for all the girls, and she had arranged especially with the chef to meet super early to get her breakfast before hand.
Along with all of the beautification, she had a little surprise up her sleeve to present Vikki with.  Thomas had sent over a Pandora charm for Vikki as a little pre-wedding gift to wear for the rest of the day.


With time of the essence, last parts of preparations with Vikki getting her dress on ready to head to The Registry Office.
Time for a quick shot before getting the show on the road!
Lovebirds having a little nervous giggle before their “I Do’s”.

This Windmill at Twelve Restaurant was simply perfect for all of the family photographs.

Post dinner speeches proved funny and emotional.  The best mix for any round of Wedding Speeches.
We just had time for some end of the day pictures of the Newlywed couple before the party got started.

Vikki and Thomas are on their honeymoon now, so it is with a huge smile I wish them a Happy Honeymoon, and another Congratulations.
Looking forward to showing you both the rest of the work we created when you get back.

Laura X
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