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These shots were created when I had a Studio session with Emma from Boutique Floral, if you haven’t seen the previous blogs summarizing the work we have done together, go and have a look at them.










Boutique Floral Buttonholes
Boutique Floral Buttonholes
Boutique Floral is a new, fresh deluxe florist.  Emma provides a wealth of services, with great skill.  Today’s session was to look at the intricate detailing of flowers themselves.  She plans to use them in her new website, and perhaps further in marketing material and other promotional media.
I love doing macro photography and take great inspiration from the Macro Greats like Irving Penn & David Levinthal.  I particularly love that instant reaction Penn produces with his mish-mash’ of textures and foods that totally clash, yet when photographed together, highlight their unique colours and structure.  Then Levinthal…. capturing tiny small toy cowboys as thought they have been seen with the imagination of a child playing with them, this shot, a carpet based show-down.  Such nostalgia!

Photographing these flowers in this style was a lovely change to my photographic usuals of getting quick natural shots from moving subjects.  It was a chill time to really take our time, and get everything technically perfect for Emma.

These shots are quick previews of the work from the session.  Final polished images will appear on Emma’s social media outlets and her site.

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