What the Hell is ‘Trash The Dress’ Anyway?

I often get asked from other professionals in the wedding industry “Do you do trash the dress?” It seems to be one of those strange industry barometers, used to determine how ‘in touch’ you are with the latest trends.

It occurred to me during a Saturday afternoon of wedding consultations where I explained to three different couples what this kind of shoot entailed, that although everyone in the industry is talking about it, the more real people out there, are still not overly familiar with the entire concept.

Therefore, I took this creative opportunity to put together an example shoot of this so called ‘Trash the Dress,’ so you can have a wee look and make up your own mind on this crazy trend..

Special thanks are due to Rosie for Modelling.  This shoot was composed in a rapeseed field near Rockliffe Hall.

A big part of Trash the dress (For me anyway) is that the important part of the whole concept, is to remove the ‘Wedding’ vibe from taking photographs of a bride in her dress, and to simply try and have a bit of unrelated fun with it.  Frolicking about in a field is something most little girls found fun to do, why not pair this whimsical fairytale with that of being in a pretty white dress as a bride?

Taking things to the more extreme part of “Trash The Dress” is to literally trash the wedding dress.  This may seem “throw away” and very taboo, why on earth would you want to ruin that dress that you paid so much time and money selecting?  I think it is just taking the chance to be totally shocking, rebelling against ‘the same old same old’ in portraying yourself as a virginal pristine bride may be something that is rather alien to you.  Why not take an extra day to dress up and show yourself rebelling against this conform?

I’m sure many artists and philosophers would say that doing something like this could also be regarded as showing off the transformational part of becoming married, and a wife.  You are in many ways mimicking a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.  Instead of a chrysalis being shed, you are marking this occasion by shedding the dress.

I do have to say that I LOVE the rebellion perspective.  Many brides are coerced into planning the big day around family expectations, politics, and some have to capitulate against overbearing family members and their wishes for how the day will go.  Giving any bride the chance to make up a photo that would make “Grandma have kittens” is kind of a punk way to even out the scales.

For me this new concept of extending out your Wedding Photography to make some more personal memories is a wonderful way to get more creative.  I think in conclusion this idea of “Trash the Dress” is actually an umbrella term for giving brides the chance to do something different to the Wedding and marking the occasion with alternative memories to go with the getting married stage of their lives.

If doing something like this appeals to you tell me all about your idea’s.  We don’t have to ruin the dress, lets just plan something personal to you.  Use the secret code of “Muddy Boots” to get a free session booked in alongside your Wedding Photography.  Lets create something brilliant together!

(This offer will expire 30/09/2013)

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