"Wear Your Sunday Best"

“Wear Your Sunday Best”
It was a privilege being able to capture “Wear Your Sunday Best”during Fashion Week. Occurring during the week of 12th May, the event both attracted and involved a large number of businesses from around the North East, which was great to work along side them.

I would like to extend a massive thank you to all the models who participated and did a fabulous job and also to the student support team who helped me in finding props to decorate the venue.

The biggest thanks however must go to ND Make Up and to The House of Seduction as they together put the entire event together which was outstanding!

The contributions from other businesses was fantastic, and these included:
Scarlet Street: www.scarletst.com
Pne Group: www.pne.org
Oil Lamp Productions UK: www.oillampproductions.co.uk
The Wholesch-Bang: www.thewholesch-bang.co.uk
Vintage Loves Roses: www.vintagelovesroses.co.uk
Ruby’s Tea Party: www.rubysteaparty.co.uk
Lola Rose Vintage Boutique: www.lolarosevintageboutique.com
If Pearman Photography can cover any event for you in the same style as this, please get in touch.
Phone: 07535625675

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