A Blog to Becca and Dean

I was thrilled when Becca and Dean asked me to share their wedding day.

For a while now I regularly attend the friendliest salon I’ve been to: Faceworks NE based in Wallsend.  Visiting this as a client I’m always catching up with the family team that run it.  Lesley, owner of Faceworks and her daughter Becca do treatments, and Dean is involved with running the office side of things.  Having had treatments from both Mother and Daughter team I soon knew that Becca was planning on marrying her teen sweetheart Dean.  Naturally I was wholeheartedly on board when I found out they wanted Pearman Photography to capture the day.

Becca and Dean already have two beautiful babies.  Jake who is 2 1/2 and Faith, their new arrival at 4 months.  To get the couple used to having their picture taken we had a lively family shoot session in the studio.  Not only did we work on getting some lovely family portraits, I got to play an excellent game of balloons with Jake, as well as catch some great moments with Faith – I love being anyones first official photographer.  With another trip out to the venue’s Dean and Becca had chosen, we were all fully prepped on the way in which the day would go.

I arrived at the Salon to the hub bub of wedding preparations.  Its common to see the full array of emotions when a Wedding is approaching.  As well as getting photographs to save these little memories, I always try to be an extra pair of hands.  From last minute sewing, helping with button holes and flowers to the key moment of the bride putting on her dress, we had lots of laughs and excitement.  Jake helped out too with entertaining his baby sister so Mammy could get ready, to even performing Prince Charming responsibilities like putting on her wedding shoes.

Becca – Ready to Rock

I shared a chariot to the Registry office with Becca’s Mam Lesley.  In true geordie fashion, the taxi driver and Lesley knew each other from “way back”, so as well as excited talk of the day ahead, I was  “given the skinny” and shared some laughs.

Last minute guests were ushered in, and the ceremony began.  Lesley had predicted “Becca was a Cryer”, and sure enough emotions ran high as the walk up the aisle hit home.  Nevertheless, a demure and graceful Bride she remained.

With the subsidised nerves and initial tears, I can report she fitted in some beaming smiles and giggles as well.

With the official part completed, the time was right for catching those celebrationary family and friends pictures.

We’d agreed to take a moment from the day for Becca and Dean to get some photography of just the two of them.  As well as a great opportunity to document the Bride and Groom in their blissful ‘just-married-state’, it’s always a great chance for them each to catch a breath in a moment of calm in the midst of their whirlwind day.

Spring has Sprung.  The snowdrops and new foliage, reflecting the new period in Becca and Dean’s lives.
Clear Blue Skies all the way.  We joked that the two of them would return to this bench on anniversary days.

I bet they stick to it.

And so freshly married, the couple head off to their Wedding Reception.

Raising a metophorical glass, I wish you both huge Congratulations, and Good Luck in your lives together.

Lots of Love,


To use Pearman Photography to help save the memories of your Wedding, please contact the studio on: 07535625675, email: enquiries@pearmanphotography.co.uk

You can see other Wedding Photography on the portfolio section of the website: http://www.pearmanphotography.co.uk/weddings.htm


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