A Blog for Baby Penny

I was so excited to find out the news that my good friends Helen and Rob were expecting.  I worked with them both in one of my part time jobs when I was studying photography years ago, and we had all become friends.  I had left the job by the time they had the good news, but I was thrilled when they asked me if they could be my very first Baby 1st’s Book Clients.

For those of you who haven’t heard of my Baby 1st’s Books.  I offer a year long service to soon-to-be parents.  They nominate what they’d like all 10 of their shoots to be about, and when in the first year they’d like to use them.  Here is an overview of how Rob and Helen chose to use their book, to give Penny one of the best keepsakes there is.

The Bump Shoot

1st Family Picture

Helen was naturally worried about doing this shoot, but with my encouragement, and assurance of my photoshop skills, she decided to go for it.  It’s great to capture that special time of being pregnant, but no lady really wants every single detail on show! 

So I had the chance to work (just a little bit) of my magic to make the shots exactly how she and Rob wanted.

Rob is an illustrator, and comic book fan, so to help make this shoot that little bit more unique we added in these shots.  As Rob is “au fait” with design, we have arranged for him to be able to work with Penny’s image files on his own project.  I’m looking forward to seeing his artistic interpretation of the project.

Helen tries to muffle baby’s ears whilst Rob reads 
Walking Dead….. Not the best Night-time story!

Penny Arrives
Weighing in at 7lbs 14oz on Sunday 20th November 2011 beautiful Penny Mae Powell arrived. 
Rob and Helen were keen to get some photographs as soon as possible so we arranged their first shoot for just two weeks into being parents.

Here are just a couple of photographs of penny in all her newborn glory.

Rob did a quick art attack in the studio!

On-Location Shoots  
Part of the Baby 1st’s book service is that you can choose to go out on location for two of the shoots.  Rob and Helen chose to have a day out in Saltwell Park for Penny’s 3rd Shoot, and then a seaside shoot at King Edwards’ Bay for her 6th Shoot.
Here are my favourite images from them:

It has been wonderful getting to know Penny over the last year.  She has developed an inquisitive and very playful personality over the time we have worked together, and I think it is fair to say she now knows when to smile for the camera and give her best smiles.

My favourite photo-shoot that we did of Penny was her 5th session.  Rob and Helen wanted to get really messy with the theme so Helen baked us a huge chocolate cupcake.  We let Penny help herself, which took quite a while (we think she was unsure if she could go crazy) but after a while she let go and it’s safe to say she loved smearing the chocolate goo everywhere.  

I always take a copy of this photograph along to fayres and places I am promoting the studio.  People regularly stop in their tracks to tell me how cute the image is.

I’m now about to get cracking on designing her book, I can’t wait to work with Rob and Helen to get it laid out exactly as they want, ready to turn it into a beautiful memory all three of them can look through over in the years to come.

If you would like more information about this service for you, or someone you know who is expecting then email me.




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