The Cher-Ching Realities

Well in a bid to be really a lot better at the frequency of my updates I’m back up to speed on completion of this little addition.

I’ve been really busy, like usual, but this month around it’s been in all spheres: Business, Bills Work, Social and on my own.

My month started with a really motivational day, at a Business Link Event.  I dragged my tired ass along to a local start-up day to investigate the things that I’ve always been a bit unclear about, with the overall ambition of getting a real picture in my mind of exactly what stage of becoming a true photographic entrepeneur I’m at.  With the company of my ever lovely Mammykins, we tackled what could have been a real bamboozling trip into a systematic zone attack.  I’d heard from an illustrator friend of mine days before going that these events can be dangerous if you aren’t prepared.  Imagine a Wedding Fair with hysterical bridezillas, but exchange the bridezilla’s for business dragons and salesman wide-boys and you have a rough whiff of the mood of the event.  I’m very glad I got there so early, and was able to quiz the people I needed information from early enough in their day, for them to be focused and really listen to my questions.  In conclusion, I still have a fair way to go – involving a lot of time to be spent on proper planning, but this is still my most precious factor in anything these days.  Finding the bloody time!

In continuation to my latest photographic ventures in shooting events to up my experience, I signed myself up to take pictures at an event at my nearby Students Union.  This was an event aimed to celebrate women, on the 100th anniversary of International Womens Day.  As a feminist myself, I was more than happy to do what I could to help out.
When I arrived at the event I learnt that one of the speakers on the panel was actually in A&E and thus no longer able to be a speaker.  Word had travelled that I was a feminist, and I was rapidly roped into being on the panel myself.  My fully charged camera equipment had to rest in the wings while I headed out and did my best to provide intelligent feminist input to coversations covering “Celebrity DVD’s”, “The recent headlines on Female Linesman”, “Who my Female Idol Was” and so on.  Other unplanned conversations involved debates on Childcare, Katie Price and my giving the audience a rough historical timeline on the feminst movement and a few rants on the misperception of what a feminist in today’s society actually is.  What a night!  Excellent times!  I was truely energised and inspired to get back to shooting more feminst themed work.  I’m now currently mulling over possibilities for a new collection – maybe a book on something in this area in my conscious/sub-conscious back burner (my brain being a hob top, this burner being the one you never use cos it’s so damn small)……

Another great fun filled and non-photographic day included running into some bins.  I walked through town to meet a friend to go and get our feet nibbled by garra fish Fishy Fun with my Buddy Liz (the new Dr.Fish Spa Craze) and ran a few errands before we met up.  I must have marched right through this interactive art installation about 3 times before I actually noticed what was going on.  By Grey’s monument there were two wheelie bins, named Sid & Nancy who were operated from some distance and ran into passers by.  I ended up stopping to watch the effect this had on people, it was brilliant!  Children and old-people -the most aware of their surroundings- instantly noticed these bins were wheeling into their walking paths, or even right into them, whereas the rest of the people were dodging the bins having seen them in their peripheral vision, but at the same time, without noticing that there was a wheelie bin moving on it’s own.  Facinating statement!  Here’s a link of Sid & Nancy in motion:
Sid & Nancy Vid

With all these varied experiences I find myself much more inspired to start working on new photographic projects.  I’ve already bought 2 new camera’s (both second-hand and bargains, both very different) to start playig with in the hopes to make technical improvements to my new neighbouring blog.  This was inspired by my good friend Dee who studied with me at Newcastle College.  Dee is now up in Edinburgh becoming even more of a photo academic and has recently begun her own blog aimed at tackling her inner darkness.  she’s aptly called her blog Photo-therapy.  You can find it here: Dee’s Photo Therapy Blog I have to say it is of Dee’s usual high-quality and technically impressive finish.  A really great way to explore one’s own psyche through a comfortable medium.  So to show my appreciation, and to also greddily aim for a similar amount of satifaction, I too have jumped onto the Photo-a-day bandwagon.  So far my output is jumbled, chaotic, and technically below-parr.  I’ve found simply taking a photo on a mobile or my little compact to be challenging enough, but I plan to pluck away and hopefully get some good results over the 2 month mark or so.  We’ll see how it goes, maybe this jumbled mess will take some shape????
You can find my work here: The 365 Dare


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